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Magnetic Separator for Iron Sand

There are abundant iron resources in the earth crust and iron is definitely the most important constituent with the earth’s sand. Iron accounts for approximately 95% of all metals made use of by modern industrial society. Iron metal might be made from the smelting of particular iron compounds. As all of us know, the extracted raw iron sand is with low grade and not appropriate for final applications. It desires to be refined in the iron sand beneficiation procedure. In method upgrading iron sand grade, lots of kinds of size reduction plants and iron sand separator equipment might be applied. will give contractors the high quality magnetic separator for iron sand.

Iron sand magnetic separator

Magnetic separation is most commonly used to separate natural magnetic iron sand (magnetite) from several different less-magnetic or nonmagnetic material. It is a mineral dressing system based on the differences between magnetic minerals, realize uneven magnetic separation. Usually, magnetic separation includes 3 stages of separation: cobbing, cleaning/roughing, and finishing. There are numerous distinctive magnetic separation plants like permanent magnetic separation, electronic magnetic separation, weak magnetic separators, medium magnetic separators, robust magnetic separators, etc.

The iron sand magnetic separator makes excellent contribution to iron sand industry. We have installed a huge number of iron sand separation machine in USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Iran, Brazil and India etc.

The magnetic separator is also processed in numerous other applications like titano magnetite production, removal of grinding media in e.g. ball mill discharge items, pyrrhotite reduction in sulphide sands, iron reduction in e.g. glass sand and feldspar production. It is also extensively installed for removal of ferromagnetic matter ahead of magnetic separation process.

The magnetic separation course of action is complex in lots of respects on account of the diverse magnetic susceptibility in the unique sands, the quantity of middlings, as well because the particle size distribution with the processed sand.

The magnetic force engaged on a certain particle is determined by these elements in addition to other properties as an example magnetic flux and magnetic field gradient which can be produced by the magnetic method in the separator. The item of field time’s gradient, also referred to as the magnetic force index, varies among many magnetic method designs and is an aspect when picking out the most suitable magnetic technique to get a specific procedure.


gives iron sand magnetic separator for sale and these second hand machines bring high income to contractors. In case you are interested on the above equipment, you’ll be able to seek the advice of us. Or you may make contact with us. We’re searching forward to cooperating with you.