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Mobile Silica Sand Drying Plant Australia

The basic approach of drying is often a required step in silica sand mining method. Drying needs to be performed for all types of bulk components, including silica sand and gravel, crystalline merchandise, foodstuffs and minerals, and products from the plastics sector as well as waste goods destined for recycling. can present the advanced silica sand drying machine for sale to the many contractors. Drying would be the removal of water from solids, liquids or gases. In virtually all industries, at some step in the procedure, material demands to become dried. Drying is often the starting, intermediate or final step in the material flow. Efficient drying systems thus are crucial to successful process design and implementation.

silica sand drying equipment for sale

As a large drying machine with fine drying effects, sand dryer is mainly used to dry the sand, river sand, quartz sand and artificial sand. It features strong productivity, stable operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. In addition, it also can be used to dry the mineral powder and coal slag and is the commonly used dry mining equipment in modern industry.

The dryer has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for transportation, and convenient and reliable operation ; Therefore, the consumption of the coal and the electricity is lower than the common ones, while the production capacity is higher than 10-15%.The operation is very simple and reliable for this reason and it is used widely.

silica sand drying plant design

The appropriate design of a mobile silica sand dryer is based upon a number of essential components. The dryer diameter determines the gas velocity. Lifter design determines how the material will fall by the gas stream. When designed effectively, the full width of the dryer becomes a shower of material. Chains may also be used when processing very wet material to enhance heat transfer. Dryers are also developed for either parallel flow or counterflow. utilizes real-time modeling programs to simulate the lifter design for optimum efficiency.